Salta, Argentina

Salta rottiserie


A rotisserie chicken shop in Salta, Argentina.










Salta hills



On top of San Bernardo Hill, overlooking Salta, Argentina.  Salta is located in the far northwest of Argentina, the high plains and not too far from Bolivia.  It’s colonial architecture is well preserved.
















The Main Cathedral in the town center of Salta, Argentina, originally constructed in the 17th century.









Inca child


An Incan mummy girl in the Museum of High Mountain Archeology.  The Incas would sacrifice a child and bury them (alive but unconscious, ie. drunk) high in the mountains.  Permafrost kept many of them in preserved condition.  I believe this mummy had been struck by lightening.  Some in the museum were even better preserved and looked as if they were merely asleep.





Salta Hostel



The hostel I stayed in had a nice garden area and a big kitchen to prepare your own meals, and there were plenty of interesting people to socialize with which makes it nice for a solo traveler.