• Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



    P1000820 - Copy


    A n orthodox church somewhere between Belgrade and Sarajevo, through bus window on a rainy d












    Tthe plaza outside the Baš?aršija old market (built in the 15th century) in Sarajevo.












    In Sarajevo.  Near the guesthouse where I stayed.












    An old cemetery in Sarajevo.













    The street outside the guesthouse.












    A women sitting on the wall of the River Miljacka in Sarajevo, near the Latin Bridge.

    Sarajevo historic bridge









    The Latin Bridge over the River Miljacka which dates back to around 1541.

    Note the left side of the bridge in this picture, which is the northern side.  It was at this spot that Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in 1914, which led to the beginning of World War I.







    Many buildings in Sarajevo still show obvious signs from the Bosnian War which and the siege of the town which was surrounded by Serbian forces from April 5, 1992 to February 29, 1996.


    Sarajevo tunnel








    The main entrance to the tunnel which was built during the siege of Sarajevo.  The tunnel was built by citizens to avoid snipers while retrieving NATO rations from the airport (NATO had vowed not to get involved militarily and therefore and would just deliver rations for the residents to the airport).






    Sarajevo tunnel inside




    The inside of the tunnel.













    Sarajevo 7


    In Sarajevo.








    Sarajevo 8


















    Each European country seemed to have it’s own variety of sausages and Bosnia was not exception.









    Bosnia train
















    Bosnia to Serbia-train










    Serbia to Bosnia train2



    Some co-passengers on the train to Sarajevo.







    Serbia to Bosnia train ride

    On the train from Serbia to to Bosnia.









    Serbia to Bosnia bus-flood





    There was some heavy flooding that wash out the train tracks, so the passengers were shuttled by bus for the remainder of the trip to Sarajevo.



  • Bagan, Myanmar

    P1080064There are over 3,000 temples around Bagan, Myanmar.  It was a rewarding experience to wake up before sunrise and bicycle over to a nearby temple to catch the sunrise from it’s rooftop. The balloons you see in the background take off just as the sun rises.  It costs about $300 USD for about a 40 minute ride. At that price, I preferred the view from the temple.



    Bagan temple ruins





















    While walking around a temple in Bagan, we were asked by many Burmese tourists to pose for pictures with them, which I was always happy to do.  Here I discretely held my camera down and took a picture of him taking a picture of us.







    Bagan, Myanmar.  From the top of a temple, looking down.  I enjoyed exploring the old “ruins” temples even more than the large popular ones.  They were usually fairly deserted and were cool inside, with nice rooftop views and many staircases and doorways to venture into.









    Bagan, Myanmar.  A dog chillin in the shade inside one of many old temples in Bagan.
















    The main road near Old Bagan.












    Some friendly local Burmese tourists in Bagan, Myanmar.

  • Bagan, Myanmar (more)

    P1070629A fruit stand in the market place in Old Bagan, Myanmar.




    Bagan encampment








    Encampments near a temple in Old Bagan, Myanmar.





    buddha stature







    Another pic of this encampment, which was nestled around a couple large temples and the marketplace near Old Bagan.









    A side view of the golden Buddha in the Ananda Temple, one of the most famous temples in Bagan (built in 1105) , Bagan, Myanmar.















    A serene view of two of the many temples in Bagan, Myanmar.




    monks in temple







    A monk and two nuns touring a temple in Bagan, Myanmar.















    A roadside view, near Old Bagan, Myanmar.





    young monks








    Young monks near a temple in Bagan, Myanmar.





    P1070915 - Copy








    The view from the the outside wall of a pagoda, in Bagan, Myanmar.

    dusty road in bagan










    A dusty road near Bagan, Myanmar.