Bagan, Myanmar (more)

P1070629A fruit stand in the market place in Old Bagan, Myanmar.




Bagan encampment








Encampments near a temple in Old Bagan, Myanmar.





buddha stature







Another pic of this encampment, which was nestled around a couple large temples and the marketplace near Old Bagan.









A side view of the golden Buddha in the Ananda Temple, one of the most famous temples in Bagan (built in 1105) , Bagan, Myanmar.















A serene view of two of the many temples in Bagan, Myanmar.




monks in temple







A monk and two nuns touring a temple in Bagan, Myanmar.















A roadside view, near Old Bagan, Myanmar.





young monks








Young monks near a temple in Bagan, Myanmar.





P1070915 - Copy








The view from the the outside wall of a pagoda, in Bagan, Myanmar.

dusty road in bagan










A dusty road near Bagan, Myanmar.