Hsipaw, Myanmar


Hsipaw 1


A woman husking corn in a Shan Village near Hsipaw, Myanmar.












In Hsipaw, Myanmar.












A Shan farmer near Hsipaw, Myanmar.











On our hike up into the mountains, we came across these two small Shan children who were watching over their family’s cows on the trail, near a watering post.





Shan village









In a Shan couple’s home near Hsipaw, Myanmar.  The fireplace in the middle of the floor is used for drying tea leaves, as well as their general cooking.











This Shan women cooked a very tasty meal for us which was vegetarian based.  It went down well, especially after a 5 hour hike to get to the village.  We also filled up on plenty of green tea which they grow and sell as a primary source of income.






shan village3







A farmhouse in one of the Shan villages we visited.












A hillside view of one of the Shan villages we hiked through, near Hsipaw, Myanmar.




shan village5







We stopped by and paid a visit to this grade school in a Shan village.  Our hiking guide delivered some pencils which some tourists had donated.  The school had only one teacher and one room which seemed to be divided into two age groups.









A Shan village family greeting us hello.











Farmers harvesting sesame seeds near a Shan village.











This kitchen is where a woman prepares food for many of the local Shan farmers.











In the foothills near Hsipaw, Myanmar, sharing the road with a local farmer.












An ox grazing in the field while a farmer works in the background.  Near Hsipaw, Myanmar.




Hsipaw foothills








This is one of the several Nat shrines we passed in the Shan countryside.  It’s a pre-Buddist religion which worships 37 spirits (most were individuals who had met violent deaths) and is still practiced by several ethnic minority groups in Myanmar.






Monks lining up for an evening meal offering, in Hsipaw, Myanmar.