Buenos Aires, Argentina


Porta Del Sol Hostel

The rooftop view from the Porta del Sol hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This was a pretty nice hostel, with a rooftop bar that was usually pretty lively at night and a decent common area downstairs to hang out in and have meals









Buenos Ares street view



The street view from the Downtown neighborhood of Buenos Aires.





Porta del Sol Buenos Aires







With some fellow travelers at the Porta del Sol hostel in Buenos Aires.



La Confeteria Ideal crooner







In Buenos Airies at Le Confeteria Ideal, a cool singer.  This is a classic place to dance or watch some Tango.  ……











…..and if you are not quite ready for the dance floor inside, you can always practice your moves on the street.



9 de Julio Avenue







9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires, is said to be the widest street in the world, and I believe it.  I stayed a couple blocks from here and probably crossed it several times a day.  This view actually shows just one side. Also, note the white building in the back ground, it has a picture of Evita on each side.

Madres de Plaza de Mayo







Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires.  The name comes from an association of mothers whose children disappeared (ie. abducted) during the Military Dictatorship’s Dirty War between 1976-1983. Many of the mothers continue to  gather at this plaza every Thursday afternoon.  The white paintings here represent the scarves of the mothers.








Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.






La Boca BA





A colorful building in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.














La Boca pic


Another pic of La Boca’s colorful buildings.













Boca Juniors stadium

Though the La Boca neighborhood is a tourist attraction, it is recommended that you don’t wander off far from the tourist areas, or at night.  However, most other places in Buenos Aires and Argentina that you would probably visit are very safe to walk around, even during the night. Here is a picture of the Boca Juniors soccer stadium in La Boca.









Soccer great Diego Maradona is huge in Argentina.  He is from the slums in the southern outskirts of Argentina and played for the popular Boca Juniors soccer team in La Boca.









BA steak restaurant




Wild Ranch steak cafe, Downtown, Buenos Aires.  While having a coffee in a nearby cafe, some local guy recommended this “barbeque” place that is popular with locals.  I checked it out the next day found it to be awesome and a great bargain, and yes, full of locals.






Wild Ranch


This steak and salad at the Wild Ranch cafe was the best I had in Argentina and cost me about $8 USD.










Wild Ranch cafe




Wild Ranch cafe, Downtown, Buenos Aires.  OK, since I liked this place so much, I thought I’d throw in another photo.








BA bbq pit



This is the front of some fancy steak restaurant in Buenos Aires.  I’m not sure what this is hanging in the BBQ pit display but I’m pretty sure it’s not beef.
















Empanadas are a staple food in Argentina and can be found everywhere and usually for pretty cheap.  It is pastry, filled with meat and/or veggies  Each area in the country boasts its own kind of empanada.  They go great with wine too.  I became pretty addicted to them…..wine too.






BA cafe scene


Buenos Aires has many great cafes where you can grab a coffee, chill out and check out the scene.  The one thing I noticed most about the cafes and restaurants in Argentina is that the staff never seems to be in a hurry to get you to leave and you never feel rushed, even in busy restaurants.








san telmo street market


A relaxing Sunday at the San Telmo street market.  San Telmo , which is between Downtown and La Boca, is the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires. Each Sunday there is a street/antique market on one of its’ main cobble stoned streets, which seems to stretch for miles.







BA street sign



Buenos Aires.  Is this saying, be careful when lifting luggage?