Cordoba, Argentina

Capilla del Monte


Capilla del Monte, near Cordoba, Argentina.  The cafe life has a nice pace in Argentina.




Capilla del Monte2








Getting ready for a big hike up into the hills.  Capilla del Monte, Argentina.




hiking argentina






Hiking in Argentina, I came across many dogs on the trail, all seeming pretty friendly.  This one actually continued to walk with us all the way to the top.











hiking argentina2


We also saw several hippie type communes, not unlike what you would find in some areas of the US.









Dog argentina


Our self-appointed guide dog cooling off in a creek just off the trail . Outside Capilla del Monte, Argentina











Bridge argentina




A suspension bridge in the hills outside Capilla del Monte, Argentina.  A hippie craft market is on the other side of the bridge, so we weren’t that far up in the hills yet.



Capilla del Monte, Argentina1





A cafe in Capilla del Monte, Argentina near Cordoba.  This town had a nice, relaxing atmosphere.  I also noticed that none of the bikes on the streets were even locked up.








Capilla del Monte cafe



Another cafe pic in Capilla del Monte, Argentina.








Cordoba desserts


Cordoba, Argentina.  The desserts in Argentina are some of the best I’ve had and seem to be very abundant.








Palenque Hostel



The Palenque Hostel, where I stayed, in Cordoba, Argentina.  The hostel was nice and clean and had a good vibe.  I was actually able to get my own room for a decent price.






Cordoba empanadas




You guessed it, more empanadas, Cordoba style this time.  I was becoming quite a connisseur by this point.






Cordoba argentina




A colorful shop in Cordoba, Argentina.  Cordoba is in the geographical center of Argentina and is the second largest city in the country.  It is also a big college town, so there is good nightlife, shopping and museums.  It is also the hometown of Che Guevara.





del Monte





With some friends in Capilla del Monte, Argentina, getting some cover from the rain.