Bagan, Myanmar

P1080064There are over 3,000 temples around Bagan, Myanmar.  It was a rewarding experience to wake up before sunrise and bicycle over to a nearby temple to catch the sunrise from it’s rooftop. The balloons you see in the background take off just as the sun rises.  It costs about $300 USD for about a 40 minute ride. At that price, I preferred the view from the temple.



Bagan temple ruins





















While walking around a temple in Bagan, we were asked by many Burmese tourists to pose for pictures with them, which I was always happy to do.  Here I discretely held my camera down and took a picture of him taking a picture of us.







Bagan, Myanmar.  From the top of a temple, looking down.  I enjoyed exploring the old “ruins” temples even more than the large popular ones.  They were usually fairly deserted and were cool inside, with nice rooftop views and many staircases and doorways to venture into.









Bagan, Myanmar.  A dog chillin in the shade inside one of many old temples in Bagan.
















The main road near Old Bagan.












Some friendly local Burmese tourists in Bagan, Myanmar.