Belgrade, Serbia




Belgrade, Serbia.  Statue of Prince Mihailo in Belgrade Square.

I found Belgrade to be a pretty friendly place to visit with lots of culture, monuments and cafes, and pretty easy to get around foot.  It also, has a vibrant night life scene, with many of the clubs actually located on the river in floating barges (savs) as well as throughout the city.  Most clubs are open until dawn.
















Bombed building-Serbia


The damages from the April 1999 NATO bombings on Serbia are still present in downtown Belgrade.


























Women in costumes march in a holiday parade in downtown Belgrade.











Serbia parad



Women in more traditional costumes marching in downtown Belgrade.











Belgrade Serbia1





An old street and church, Belgrade, Serbia.













Belgrade Serbia2



Belgrade, Serbia.  I thought this was a cool pic.  Notice the graffiti with Putin’s likeness.















The Belgrade Fortress, with the Danube river in the background below.  The fortress originally dates as far back as the city itself, around the 3rd century B.C. , and was built by the Celts.  It was conquered by the Romans at one time and later the Turks, after which much of the current structure was built.










Another view from inside the Belgrade Fortress.













The street where my guest house/hostel was located in Belgrade.


















You can’t see much in this picture, but it’s of a large outdoor concert I attended.  The concert had several Balkan pop artists who sounded pretty good, though most songs were not in English, of course.













I was buying my lunch in cafes until I saw how good the food in the supermarkets looked.  I then started making some real tasty sandwiches back at the guest house, using all kinds of delicious sausages, cheese and bread.










The overnight train ride from Sophia to Belgrade was very comfortable and affordable, and included a nice sleeper bunk.  I actually had the the whole cabin to myself since there weren’t very many people on the train that night.